My Weekend (so far)…

Hello loves!

I hope you all are having a great weekend and not getting into too much trouble with St. Patty’s Day shenanigans! I’m not participating in chugging green beer like a boss this year. So far I’ve been super good on my diet and I don’t want to ruin the great start by drinking all those empty calories and carbs into oblivion… however, I am enjoying all the photographic evidence popping up on my social news feeds!

So far today, I finished up some work this morning before starting a day of random minor events. I decided to force myself to workout and I must admit, I did enjoy the extra long yoga sesh this morning. Then I got the  bright idea I was going to make baked zucchini chips. The idea sounds good, however the reality didn’t go as well, ha ha. While I was slicing up these babies…

Fabulously Disheveled My Weekend So Far


Fabulously Disheveled My Weekend So Far


I managed to slice a big chunk of my thumb, complete with flesh dangling and blood everywhere…

Fabulously Disheveled My Weekend So Far


Yeah, that hurts like a mofo! I don’t recommend taking a chunk of any size out of your fingers/thumbs ever. You honestly don’t realize how much you use your thumb until it’s throbbing whenever you use it. It’s a good thing my texting skills are advanced or I’d be beside myself, ha ha. 😉

After earning the nickname Slice n’ Dice from my dad, I became a pinning fool on Pinterest as I watching a marathon of my absolute favorite show of all time the Golden Girls on TV Land. A few hours of pinning I came across this pin which I just had to try out of my own amusement. Here’s the final product…

Fabulously Disheveled My Weekend So Far


P.S. and by the way… I am totally in love with my new hair color!!! I just got my hair done on Thursday using only organic products (which I can’t wait to write about super soon!)!

Tomorrow I’m getting together with one of my bestest friends to do a photo shoot of her son for his first birthday. I’m really looking forward to the super cuteness, chubby cheeks and cake smashing that shall ensue tomorrow afternoon!!

What have you been up to this weekend? 


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