Friday Fashion Find!

Hello loves!!

Finally! It’s Friday! I don’t care what kind of week I’ve had and even though I work from home I always get excited when Friday shows it’s gorgeous face! Hey, just because I work from doesn’t mean I don’t work any less than if I sat in a cubicle all day long, ha ha. Since it’s Friday and this fashion find has Friday in the name there’s no better day than to share this with you!

fabulously disheveled fashion findEven though I’m a huge fan of huge handbags I do love the occasional wristlet… and love is probably an understatement of my feelings for this metallic wallet on a wrist band. This is absolutely genius and fashionable at the same time… I want to slap a big muah! on the person who created this It’s Friday Night iPhone Wallet Wristlet.

This little chic wristlet not only keeps hold of your iPhone but also has compartments for your I.D., a couple credit cards and cash! Brilliant!



I found this on a super adorable online boutique called Sincerely Sweet Boutique for only… wait for it… $19.99!! Now I have to have this in multiple colors! ha ha

Would you buy this?


5 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Find!

    • They’re made to fit the phone without the cover, but I don’t mind taking off my cover for a night out. But then again I have several covers I switch between in regular rotation, lol. Have a fabulous day!

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