Workout while you work

Hello loves!

One of the biggest excuses people use to not workout is because they don’t have enough time because of work. There’s several companies out there now that are cleverly trying to put an end to that excuse. Al Roker has a treadmill desk that he works out on while getting his work done. And now you can apparently ride your bike to work then ride it in a stationary position all day long as you work before riding it back home.

Now I consider myself to be pretty well coordinated, but I just don’t know how people walk on a treadmill desk or ride a stationary bike desk without everything looking a mess. lol. I can only imagine that your handwriting would look awful and that it would be more than kind of difficult to type and workout at the same time. But maybe that’s just me… I don’t know, lol.


stationary bike desk


Do you think you would be able to master the workout while you work technique? Would you even want to have one of these items in your office?


3 thoughts on “Workout while you work

    • I actually don’t for this particular one. I found it on Pinterest but I couldn’t find a site for it that was in English. lol. But if you Google ‘Bike Desk’ you find all kinds of different options for things that do the same purpose 🙂

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