Outfit of the Day: Casual Grocery Trip

Hello loves!

Today’s post was inspired by my hair. Yes, you read that correctly… my hair inspired this OOTD post. I knew I was going to the grocery store today so I wasn’t planning on putting in too much effort into my outfit or appearance. Then when I took my top knot down to straighten my hair… my hair looked like this:

Fabulous Disheveled


It was pretty amazing and I had to take advantage of this freak accident… there’s no way I’m going to waste a good hair day even if it means I’m just going to the grocery store! Am I alone on that? ha ha So I decided to spice up my casual look by slipping into some jeans, a plain white shirt, my favorite infinity scarf (from ParisJBoutique.com) and my Crocs. Check out the photos below!


Fabulous Disheveled


Fabulous Disheveled


Fabulous Disheveled


Wishing everyone a blessed Good Friday and a fabulous Easter weekend! I’m off to get ready for my little sister to visit from Nashville with her adorable black pug, Lucy!


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