How to Style a Sequin Blazer

Hello loves,

There are some pieces of clothing that seem more doable than others as well as some that are completely intimidating. Then there are some that seem down right forbidden. I am here to tell you there are sometimes you  have throw caution to the wind and just go with it!

One of these items that many view as intimidating (even forbidden) is the sequin jacket/blazer. I promise you there is no reason to feel this way!

How to Style a Sequin Blazer

I don’t understand why sequins – even in small amounts – scare people. To be honest the only thing scary about sequins is if you’re wearing them on a strapless dress or shirt and that’s only because sequin rash hurts like a bitch! ha ha ha But that’s just one of the beauties of a sequin blazer.

There are so many ways to style a sequin blazer that you can literally wear it anywhere! Throw it over a tee and a pair of jeans, pair it with a black tank and black pants for a office appropriate look or throw it over your cocktail dress to stay stylish even with a nip in the air!

Here are just a few of my absolute favorite sequin blazers in every price range!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sequin Sleeve Tuxedo Blazer

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sequin Sleeve Tuxedo Blazer, $225 (on sale for $135)

Ella Moss Sheena Sequin Blazer

Ella Moss Sheena Sequin Blazer, $228

Chelsea Theodore Chelsea & Theodore Black Sequin Blazer

Chelsea & Theodore Black Sequin Blazer, $118 (on sale for $88.50)

Nasty Gal Glam Rock Sequin Blazer

Nasty Gal Glam Rock Sequin Blazer, $78


2 thoughts on “How to Style a Sequin Blazer

  1. Hi Amy !
    I’m in a period of intense sequin blazer love these days. I think it looks its best when there’s not much stylistic fuss about it, if you know what I mean. 🙂
    I rock mine very simply, with an all-denim base (here I’d love to hear out your thoughts about it !
    I also have a thing for sequin dresses or clutches for the evening. Makes us girls look like a million !

    xx, I.

    • Hello I!

      Aren’t sequins the best?! I absolutely adore your casual chic sequin look! It’s very chic and makes a fabulous style statement that is subtle but beautiful. I love mixing sequins with different looks, they have their way of just making a look… don’t you think? I’m also quite the fan of sequin dresses and clutches… I own several of both!

      Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have a fabulous day, love!!


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