There’s Good in You Even if You’re Not Skinny

Hello loves,

When you’re a writer there are stories all around you and writing topics have their way of grabbing you. As a writer a lot of times things happen in my life, I stumble across or I bump into people or situations that show up in my articles or blogs. For the most part I keep things positive because I believe in lifting others up, not holding them down. Besides, being the Taylor Swift of my neighborhood isn’t a title I’m trying to achieve.

However, as any writer will tell you there are certain things that will stick with you until you write about them. This happened to me this week. I was casually scrolling through my newsfeed one night as I was laying in bed when I ran across a status that made every fiber in my body jerk. If I were dead I can pretty much guarantee I would have rolled over in my grave. It was that kind of offensive. Granted Facebook is filled with offensive posts every day, but this particular post struck a chord with me. Here’s what the status said:

drinking the gym kool-aid“There is good in everybody! Some just don’t show it very well b/c it’s hidden under their fat! I can help you with that….. Just hit me up and I’ll get you in here to check out one of the biggest private clubs in the nation. And if I afforded it, I know you can!”

You have got to be kidding me. There is good in everyone, some just don’t show it very well because it’s hidden under their fat? This is how he was promoting his new job of about one week of employment. What kind of kool-aid are they serving that this is how their company mission translates to their employees?!

Don’t get me wrong, I can in the grand scale of things somewhat (while grasping at straws as I happen to scrape the bottom of the barrel) see where he is coming from. I want to believe he had great intentions that failed miserably in a ill-worded self promoting effort to drive up his commission to get a gold star sticker he can proudly display on his desk name plate.

However between his posts from the time he spent training at the company headquarters for a week, his posts since, and my own research into this company I truly believe this is the kind of sentiment and perspective of people this company brainwashes their employees with.

Sorry that I’m not sorry but that is just completely unacceptable. This is what is wrong with society. Point blank period case in point poster child. There is good in everyone but not everyone has to have a body fat percentage of under 10% to be considered good. This is why even celebrities now days are photoshopped on the covers of magazines to the point of beyond recognition. This is why girls and boys both feel the pressure of having the perfect body that causes some to fall victim to eating disorders.

There is good in your even if you're not skinnyI am in no means against being healthy and living by a healthy lifestyle. I encourage it. I don’t encourage pressuring people into believing they’ll be better people, more well liked, and worthwhile contributors to society if they spend their hard earned money at a gym to bust their ass to fit into that company’s perception of what good is.

There are lots of people who are good and their good radiates from their souls who don’t have a sample sized waist. In fact, I’m willing to bet most “good people” aren’t itty bitty with toned bodies. Probably because they’re out in the world doing good, making incredible changes than pushing themselves to the next barbell in the mirror.

Hopefully this person wakes up and smells the realist coffee soon before drowning in superficial standards of kool-aid. This is why I strongly believe I was put here to help break down these society standards and shine light on helping lift and empower others. You are good and more importantly you are valuable whether or not you can slip into a size zero.

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