Amy Kirchen’s Signature Collection Debut

Hello loves,

It’s no secret that one of my absolute favorite designers is the one and only, Amy Kirchen. After all, I do tend to write about her quite often. But, seriously, how can I not when I just adore everything she creates?

Belle Epoquea

I have been invited to attend the debut of her first SIGNATURE COLLECTION at an event in Cincinnati called La Belle Époque which will be held this Saturday, March 15 at Obscura from 7pm-10pm. This event is open to the general public and will take place in true Parisian-style with a runway set among the sophisticated decor of Obscura. The fashion is promised to be breathtaking, the conversation to be thoughtful, and the food to be oh so decadent.

The SIGNATURE COLLECTION is a line of pieces essential to every woman’s wardrobe, updated every season with fresh colors and textures. Such essentials include flare dress, blazer, pants (trouser, straight leg), flounce jacket, blouses (organza, tie), pencil skirt, tunic, flare trench, and sheath(s) (day, cocktail).

The color palette for the collection is classic black and white with sophisticated spring hues of bellini, cashmere, lavender, and peach. Fabrics include, gabardine, silk crepe, ponte knit, cashmere suede, and organza. Plus a gorgeous Japanese floral known as printed mikado.

When speaking about her inspiration for the collection Amy Kirchen had to say, “La Belle Époque was a time when art flourished and artists creating works of joie de vivre. Having always been an intriguing time to me, this beautiful era is now serving as a fitting inspiration for the debut of my new SIGNATURE COLLECTION.”

“Signifying the dawning of a new era at AMY KIRCHEN, a truly beautiful one, the SIGNATURE COLLECTION is a repertoire of the pieces essential for every woman’s wardrobe,” continued Kirchen. “I am especially excited about this premiere collection as it will showcase these essentials in the colors and textures of the much-anticipated spring.”

I cannot wait to get my eyes and hands on her new signature collection! Will you be joining me this Saturday?


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