Just a Little Wine and Gardening

Hello loves!

Whew! What a productive day yesterday was! After being down for a whole week with a vicious stomach virus my Monday was a far cry from where I was last week. I definitely hit the ground running – started with getting back on track with my clean eating diet then I got ready to run some errands all over town. After I got home I forced myself to workout for the first time in well I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually had a good, hard, drenched in sweat workout. Sad, I know. I can’t help it, that damn polar vortex made me want to hibernate under the covers with a smorgasbord of comfort foods. But I digress.

After catching my breath and eating some post-workout protein I was probably a little too excited to get started on my container garden. A few weeks ago I had the bright idea I’m going to try my hand at vegetable container gardening. Mainly because I’m really into clean eating and cooking with a lot of veggies lately and I think it would be so great to cook with produce from my own garden. I mean I have total control over what goes on my plants so I know for a fact that they’re truly organic. And free! Uh hello! ha ha

Vegetable Container Garden1


Even though I have no clue if I have a green thumb or not… fingers crossed I’m packing two green thumbs… I’m starting out by growing arugula, eggplant, basil, zucchini, tomatoes, and green beans. I really wanted to grow some brussel sprouts too but I couldn’t find the right breed for container gardening. By the way, have you ever seen a brussel sprout plant? Totally not what I was expecting!

Vegetable Container Garden

Vegetable Container Gardening2


So here goes nothing, I suppose! ha ha They’re all planted and sitting perfectly beside the patio window.

DIY Wine Bottle Project


Next up on my to-do list was finally spray painting these wine bottles. I’ve been waiting a couple weeks for a dry and warm day to paint these babies!

DIY Wine Bottle Project1


I have a slight obsession with gold right now. For Christmas I spray painted animal figurines gold and glued them to plates to create a chic jewelry holder. Everyone loved them!

DIY Wine Bottle Project3


I have one sitting on my desk just because I think it’s pretty all on it’s own and the other one you can see I’m using to store my chunky bracelets. I’m kind of in love!

The day rounded out with a second workout at the park with my pup and a little scoop of ice cream. Not too bad for the first warm and pretty Monday of spring if you ask me.

Have you tried vegetable container gardening before? Do you have any tips?



3 thoughts on “Just a Little Wine and Gardening

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  2. I love your gold wine bottles! I am new to blogging and posted about my jewelry organization and linked a few other options that I thought were cute such as your gold bottles. Is it okay that I linked your blog post? Thanks so much for a great idea!

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