Different Uses for your Keurig

Hello loves!

I don’t know about you but I love me some coffee. The best thing any coffee drinker could own is a Keurig. I am absolutely in love with mine. I’ve had it for about a good three years now and my love is still unwavering. Which to some they might consider that some kind of fete. ha ha.

As I was getting my coffee this morning it dawned on me that you can totally use your Keurig for much more than brewing those k-cups! This got me curious so I took a little gander online to see how other people use their Keurigs.

different uses for your keurig!

– Use the hot water to make a bowl of instant oatmeal
– The perfect amount of hot water to use for a Cup O Noodles
– Water to warm a baby bottle
– Hot water to steep tea bags
– Use the hot water to clean up a sticky mess
– The empty k-cups are great to plant seedlings
– Empty and washed k-cups are also the perfect size for mini popsicles

Plus the word on the street is Campbell’s is partnering with Keurig to deliver Campbell’s soup k-cups! I say sign me up! Unless it’s tomato soup… I like mine made with milk, please.

Do you use your Keurig for anything besides brewing k-cups?


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