Trend: Statement Anklet

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If you don’t know by now that I love to make a statement then I kindly invite you to crawl out from under the rock which you’ve been living. I love statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jackets… you get the idea. Of course, I prefer to only showcase one, maybe two at the most, at a time. After all one of the first rules of being on-trend is being selective and not wearing all the trends at once.

Statement Anklet Trend
Anyways, when I came across this emerging accessory trend I screamed, “Sign me up!” Ladies and gentlemen, the statement anklet is on the horizon and it kind of makes me want to squeal. Literally the first time I laid my eyes on this I immediately had visions of different ways to style dancing through my head. Not only does this mean we have a new limb to accessorize but it can totally change a look. If you wear matching statement anklets it instantly changes a plain boring shoe into something more dazzling. How cute would these be on beach vacations? I simply adore them. Here are a few I’ve fallen for…

ASOS Mix Metal Coil Anklet

ASOS Mix Metal Coil Anklet, $16.93

Urban Outfitters Beaded Fringe Anklet

Urban Outfitters Beaded Fringe Anklet, $9.99

ASOS Faux Pearl Anklet

ASOS Faux Pearl Anklet, $21.07

ChicNova Gold Metal Ankle Bracelet

ChicNova Gold Metal Ankle Bracelet, $11.00

ASOS Summer Bead Anklet

ASOS Summer Bead Anklet, $22.58

If you are finding yourself falling in love with statement anklets as much as I am but disappointed that you’re not finding anything just like what you want, no problem! You can always go the DIY route! Don’t let DIY intimidate you. As long as you have some needle nose pliers you can turn necklaces into statement anklets simply by shortening their chains to fit round your ankle. If you’re feeling really ambitious and crafty you can always go to the craft store to buy supplies to build your own statement anklets from scratch!

Do you love this statement anklet trend? 


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