OOTD: Printed Leggings

Hello loves,

A few months ago the people of Kenndie Clothing reached out to be about their printed leggings and offered to send me a couple pairs to check out in person. Being the huge lover of leggings I am I checked out their brand before accepting their gratis gift. I don’t like to accept gratis gifts that I might not like because if I don’t like it then I absolutely will not share it with all of you. I like to be as authentic as I can and sticking to that philosophy I only share things that I personally love.

Amy Wray OOTD Kenndie Leggings
After looking at their website I was already really liking what I was seeing so I couldn’t wait to actually get my hands on them. Finally they arrived and I can tell you the photos don’t do these babies justice! Unfortunately, when I got them I had no idea winter was going to be so damn brutal! It literally took the better half of two months before it was warm enough to wear leggings alone and not under other layers because Jack Frost decided the execute the evil Polar Vortex plan.

Since it’s finally defrosted in the Midwest I was uber excited to break out my bad ass Kenndie printed leggings and rock them in all their artistic glory! I love the brand because it’s 100% made in the USA… That’s right! It’s all born and stitched right in Los Angeles. Carefully crafted by hand to ensure the best quality. The leggings cost $70 each. I’m all for supporting small businesses and other people’s dreams and passions and because of that I don’t mind if I have to spend a little more money. It’s about empowering one another, and of course, looking good while we do it!

It’s really hard to choose which pair is my absolute favorite but if I had to choose I would probably say it’s Sin City the skyline leggings. Who doesn’t love a great skyline and now you can artistically make a fashionable statement with these leggings. Although I must say both the Twin Panda and Vivid (Onyx) are pretty hot themselves! There’s different ways you can style all three pairs but here’s just a look of how I styled mine for this mini photo shoot by Heather Crowe.

Kenndie Leggings along with their line of headbands are available for sale on their website at Kenndie.com.

Which pair of leggings do you like best? Are you a fan of printed leggings?


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