Cures for the Winter Blahs

Hello loves!

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve curated another collection for Mavatar as a featured editor. This collection’s inspiration was from having to cancel all plans over the weekend due to back to back snow storms that left us snowed in. It left me feeling all sorts of winter blahs and aching for it to be spring already. I mean it’s the end of February… spring can’t be that far away, can it?

Because of this, my Mavatar collection is full of things that make me think of spring and it’s warmer weather. You know, things far from being snowed in. No, this collection is full of bright colors and light fabrics that beg of temperatures over 55 degrees. There’s flowing tunics, fun printed dresses, bright lipsticks, colorful accessories, and more. Instead of buying now and stuffing it away in your closet until spring you can easily incorporate most of these looks into your current wardrobe adding a pop of color.


Shop My Mavatar Cart


What’s your favorite way to wear bright colors? Which are your favorites in my Winter Blah Cures cart?


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