4 DIY Healthy Dog Treats

Hello loves!

healthy dog treat recipesRecently a couple of my friends have brought dogs who needed new forever homes into their homes. If you know me you know I absolutely adore dogs. In fact, as a general rule I like dogs more than I like most people. Sorry, I’m not sorry about that. Dogs are just awesome! I know some people view dogs… even their own dogs (which just blows my mind, but to each their own, I suppose)… as just dogs. Then there’s people like me who can’t help but feel love so strongly for these balls of fur as family members. There is zero question about it, my main man Mr Big is my baby and always will be.

Because of this I want only the best I can provide for him to ensure he lives a full and healthy life. I want him to be around for as long as he can be. One of the ways I stay on top of him being healthy is by monitoring his food. He probably eats better than most people. Once I got him and he outgrew the puppy food is about the same time all the recalls and food related deaths in dogs and cats started happening. Most dog foods are made in China where they have little regulations. Not to mention they’re full of fillers, grains, and things that either aren’t good for dogs or hold very little nutritional value. After learning this I spent a lot of time researching different foods and limited it to foods only made in the USA or Canada. I also started looking up recipes for homemade dog treats. Not only does Big act much better, but I all have noticed his health has only gotten better.

The other day while I was at the grocery store I decided I would pick up a some items so I could make a few homemade dog treats for Mr Big, my sister’s dog, and two of my friends’ recently got new dogs. Even though I had a mishap with the food processor resulting in micro pieces of kale flung across the kitchen floor to ceiling (I wish I were exaggerating… it. was. a. disaster.) I still managed to make four different kinds of treats.

Bacon Cheddar Bites dog treats

Find the recipe here… I added bacon!

kale apple mint dog treats

Find the recipe here!

cheddar dog treats

Find the recipe here!

sweet potato dog chews

Find the recipe here!

Mr Big and Lucy loved them so much I couldn’t even get a clear photo of either of them enjoying their treats. Big actually ate all of these treats more than once… that’s saying something for a picky chihuahua!


Do you make anything homemade for your dogs? 

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