On Trend: Spring Florals

Hello loves!

photo 2It seems like it’s taken forever, but at last spring is here. The temperatures may not always reflect this new season, however the temperature is beginning to creep back up to acceptable degrees. The birds are chirping more and there are some flowers that are beginning to bloom. The warmer weather is almost here to stay!

Spring is also starting to reflect in everyday life… I’m finding myself dressing more colorfully and putting brighter foods on my plate. For example my spring inspired vanilla protein pancakes and salads. It’s just so much easier to eat clean when your plate looks pretty and cheerful. I also find it amazing how just dressing in more colors can add a little extra bounce in my step. Crazy, huh?

photo (2)

One of the things I adore most are flowers, so it’s only natural I gravitate towards floral prints as the season starts to change. It also helps that floral prints are still very much on trend in the fashion scene. You have to admit, adding florals (whether it be just a splash or a big and bold statement) to your wardrobe is fun.

I’ve put together this Mavatar cart so you can add some floral fun to your wardrobe for under $50! Click the Shop My Cart button below to shop or just browse.

Shop My Mavatar Cart



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