A Little Buffalo with my Cauliflower, Please

Hello loves!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you know I’ve kicked my workout and clean eating into high gear the last couple weeks. Well, a higher gear… it’s been flirting with high gear for about the last 8 weeks now. If you know me personally you know my partner in crime in this is my best friend, Heather. We keep each other accountable and every week we get together at her house to workout and cook a new healthy recipe we found on Pinterest for dinner.

This last week we did this workout… which was a good low impact total body workout, we just found the video humorous. Just watch the video yourself and tell me it doesn’t seem like a housewife created this one day while cleaning the house. I dare you.

While we were working out our dinner was in the oven. If you’re looking for healthy dinner recipes on Pinterest it’s guaranteed you’ve come across many recipes using cauliflower to substitute just about anything to drastically cut calories, fat, and carbs. While I like cauliflower I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to a lot of these healthier versions of old favorites. However, we agreed to give it a go and made Cauliflower Buffalo Wings. We also decided to make these Shredded Buffalo Chicken Triscuits, but we used organic brown rice crackers in place of Triscuits.

Everything was delicious! It’s probably some of the best recipes we’ve tried so far! And I have to say, my mind was blown over the Cauliflower Buffalo Wings!! How a veggie can have almost the same texture as the meat on chicken wings and a similar taste is beyond me, but I will most definitely be making this recipe again and again! Yes, people, I have jumped on the healthy cauliflower substitute bandwagon. However, I still don’t think I can get behind the cauliflower alfredo sauce. But you never know, it just might win me over as well!

After dinner we played a few hilarious rounds of Doggie Doo with her two kids (and yes, the name literally explains the whole game). It truly doesn’t take much to please little kids, haha! Now I want to start creating kiddie games, seems like an easy and lucrative industry to me! Haha!


What are some of your favorite ways to eat cauliflower?

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