Friday Favorites: 3 Healthy Snacks to Stay on Track

Hello loves,

Happy Friday and Happy First Day of May! Oh warm weather is so close to being here to stay I can almost taste it! Plus it’s my favorite month, but only because it’s my birthday month. 🙂 If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (or my last couple blog posts) you know I’m kicking my lifestyle into a high gear of healthy. And it’s come to a point where I either need to write a blog about my latest snack obsessions or find a local 12 step program to attend. If it comes in wasabi, soy sauce, or a combination of both then I absolutely positively must have it. I’m not sure if it’s a result of me missing my beloved sushi or what, but this ish is good!!!

I’m not to the point where I’m eating wasabi straight out of the tube or drinking soy sauce, but it’s practically there. Especially since wasabi and soy flavored things seem to be one of the hottest flavor combos at the moment. I am absolutely losing my mind over these three snacks and I’m confident that you just might as well… So precede with caution.

Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Wasabi & Soy SauceBlue Diamond Almonds Bold Wasabi and Soy
Granted these probably aren’t the greatest for a clean eating diet (I mean let’s be real… I mean wasabi and soy sauce isn’t naturally found in powder form), however, it’s a good source of protein. Eating half a serving to one full serving of these little almond guys have saved me many between meal binges. They’re available in a small tin or in a big bag. If you’re known to eat your willpower from time to time like me I suggest buying the small tin.

Triscuit Brown Rice Thin Crisps, Wasabi & Soy  SauceTriscuit Wasabi and Soy Sauce
Oh behold these little triangles of deliciousness! Be still my heart I adore these! They’re only 130 calories per serving, which consists of 10 crackers. Put a thin layer or Greek yogurt cream cheese over these and perhaps a slice of raw salmon and you’ve practically got yourself a sushi roll. Not really. In fact, not even close. But this girl pretends. It’s made of brown rice flavored with wasabi and soy sauce. I also enjoy having these as a snack with 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

Annie Chun's Roasted SeaweedAnnie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks, Roasted Wasabi
Now we’ve come to my third favorite snack which I’ve saved for last because it’s probably more of an acquired taste. Wasabi roasted seaweed. Now, stay with me here. I know when you think of a snack your mind doesn’t go towards seaweed. It’s not a common food. However, holy crap Batman! It’s goooooood!!! If you love sushi I promise you’ll love these snacks! I like to eat these straight out of the package, crumbled over cottage cheese, and I’ve even sprinkled it over soups and salads. At least try it before you knock it.

These are a few of the snacks I’m loving at the moment that also help me stay on my healthy eating agenda.

Do you love any of these snacks? What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?


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