Must-Have Summer Dresses

Must-Have Summer DressesHello loves!

Well, well, well…. Summer is finally here! My absolutely favorite season! I could be here all day just talking about everything I love about summer, but no one has time for that, so I won’t bore you. Instead, I’ll share with you just one of my favorite things about summer time.

I love love love dresses and there is no better time to rock a dress than in the summer heat. There is literally a dress for every occasion whether it’s a special event, going to a concert, running errands, or simply taking a little stroll. Dresses tend to be ridiculously versatile- you can dress them down for a casual flair or dress them up for a more fancy touch.

Because of this love, I might have a tad bit of a problem with buying dresses. I figure as long as I’m wearing them and they’re just not hanging in my closet they’re a great investment… my budget seems to disagree. But, I digress. Anyways! Here’s a few of my favorite dresses for this summer!

floral maxi dress

Imvation Floral Maxi Dress, $11.86

Jessica Howard Women's Petite Printed Fit and Flare Belted Dress

Jessica Howard Women’s Petite Printed Fit and Flare Belted Dress, $79.99

Roxy Junior's Sparks Fly Embroidered Jersey Dress

Roxy Junior’s Sparks Fly Embroidered Jersey Dress, $49.99

Amoin Eagle Pattern Loose-fitting Summer Dress

Amoin Eagle Pattern Loose-fitting Summer Dress, $7.99

Threads 4 Thought Women's Maia Dress

Threads 4 Thought Women’s Maia Dress, $50

Which dress is your favorite? 


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