Weekend Plans and -20lbs

Hello loves!

Well it’s finally Friday! I’m stoked about that! I’ve got a fun weekend planned starting with a sushi date with my good friend, Kelly. She’s also a great blogger over at DreamInLace.com and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t go snag a peek of her site! Then Saturday it’s being predicted right now that Mother Nature is feeling sorry for us and going to grace us with a little sunshine. Fingers crossed that doesn’t change because my pool is feeling very neglected. After some (hopefully.) fun in the sun I’m going to the balloon glow. Which typically I find watching a gazillion hot air balloons inflating on the ground just glowing a real yawn, but they have all kinds of good eats and this girl is planning to kick low carb to the curb and dive right into the biggest funnel cake I can find. Because… well, funnel cake. Duh. After that the plan is to ride out the rest of the weekend on the couch catching up on my shows and reading my book.

I’ve also got a little extra pep in my step today because I weighed in and didn’t want to chuck the scale out the window! Ha ha ha… Seriously though! I weighed in today less than 2lbs away from becoming the newest member of the -20lbs club! In fact, I weighed myself three times just to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.

Amy Wray 20lb weight loss

This is huge for me! It’s rough to be doing everything right from getting enough sleep, eating super clean, watching portions, getting enough exercise to only seeing the pounds creep off because your thyroid doesn’t have its act together. Eff you, thyroid! But I’m determined to lose weight and more importantly be healthy fit.

Whenever I hit what I consider to be a big milestone I always like to put it in perspective by comparing what I’ve lost with things that weigh that much. So in case you’re wondering, losing 20lbs is the equivalent to….

A car tire, 2133 paint balls, less than a toddler, 4 bags of sugar, and more than a bowling ball.

You guys, I’ve lost a whole car tire!!! Great motivation to keep at it and staying on track! And, of course, reward myself by eating a whole funnel cake without feeling a single pang of guilt. 😉

What milestones have you hit lately? Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?


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