Oops, I Did It Again…

Hello loves!

I’m at it again! I decided I needed a change, which of course means I needed new hair. At the end of April I decided I just had to have mermaid hair, so I got it. And it was love from first sight! I couldn’t get enough of my purple, teal, and rose gold hair… it was a true love affair. However, the honeymoon phase faded away almost as quickly as the purple. Booo! Sad panda. So in an impulsive move I committed a hair stylist sin and I decided to brighten it up a bit with purple dye at home. The results weren’t horrible… the process was a pain in the ass… but the results could have been better and they REALLY could have been worse. It did make the purple stick around longer, though.

Then the summer heat started to warm up (thank God! It only took forever!) and my hair spent most it’s time on the top of my head, so needless to say I really wasn’t in a hurry to change it. It still didn’t look bad and I was too lazy to get it done again. But then my birthday rolled around (at the end of May) and since I didn’t get to see my good friend Tracy until last week she gifted me a hair color and two bags full of goodies for my belated birthday present. So of course I took her up on it almost instantly!

Like I said, I was in the mood for a change. I’ve greatly missed my dark dark hair but I still wasn’t ready to part with the fun colors. So I decided to go back to the dark side and add the sexy touch of teal. You guys, seriously. This teal gives me life! It’s amazing!!! Plus, Tracy is absolutely amazing! I could not be more happy with my new look… as if I don’t already spend enough time in the mirror I just can’t stop looking at it. Tracy is that good, folks!


If you’re in the area and want Tracy’s magic hands to go to work on your hair I highly recommend you go see her! She works at Bangs Salon & Spa in Centerville, Ohio. Also be sure to head over to her Facebook page and give her a like!

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