Trend to Try: Athleisure

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.

Hello loves,

Have you noticed how workout clothes are becoming super popular. I mean super popular outside the gym. Like it’s becoming more and more acceptable to wear workout clothes to do more than just workout in. Companies have taken notice to this and created the ever popular and insanely growing athleisure trend.

Athe-what?! I know, it sounds weird. It’s where athletic and leisure morph into one. Where street style collides with workout duds. Now you don’t have to feel weird when you have a day jammed packed with errands and things to do all while also taking time out to hit the gym. Now you can wear your gym clothes all day while out and about and no one will even think twice about it. Anytime fashion can enter my daily life I am all on board!

Thanks to DICK’s Sporting Goods it’s super easy to pull of this athleisure trend. They’ve stepped up their women’s fashion game when it comes to workout clothes and it’s making me insanely happy! The other day I hit up DICK’s to pick up some new athleisure wear to carry me through the fall and winter months. I went in there with images of Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Jennifer Hudson floating through mind with inspiration. Athleisure Inspiration Get the Look

And this is what I came out of the store with! All of these goodies from Reebok! Which I cannot get enough of!! There are soooo many different looks you can put together just from these items alone, it’s crazy!

While shopping I had so many different ways to wear these swimming in my head that I couldn’t wait to get home to play with them!

Then I asked my best friend, Heather Crowe of HRC Photography, to snap a few shots with me to use… because, why not?!

The next time I splurge on myself I’m going to make it a splurge on an outfit or two from Carrie Underwood’s workout clothing line, Calia. It’s also gorgeous but the price points are more on the splurge (but totally worth it) end of the spectrum for me and they’re almost too cute for me to want to spend an hour or two sweating my little heart out in. Almost is the keyword there. But Reebok? No, you can’t go wrong with Rebook’s women’s line of workout clothes. They’re slimming, uber comfortable, and on point with the athleisure trend. I absolutely love them!

What do you think of the athleisure trend? What is your favorite look to rock while getting your sweat on?


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