Weekend Accessory Haul

Hello loves,

This weekend was fabulous for many reasons, but one reason is fashion. On Friday my good friend, Leah, and I hit up First Friday at the Pendleton Art Center. It was my very first, First Friday but Leah had been to it in the past. I already can’t wait to go back next month! I was in awe! There was so much incredible and inspiring talent in one place! Everything from paintings to photography to pottery to jewelry.

Oh, jewelry, I love thee. There were two shops in particular that I couldn’t resist laying down money for their jewelry. The first one that I discovered goodies that I just couldn’t live without was Designer Jewelry by Bobbi and the second was Colorful Me! Jewelry and Accessories, LLC. At the first shop I found these gorgeous rose gold earrings and necklace designed by Barb Thomas. Aren’t they just breath taking?!? It was love at first sight.

At Colorful Me these wooden bangles caught my eye as they handed from the ceiling by colorful string. I don’t typically like wooden accessories, but these are just beautiful in their sleek and wave design. I love that they’re three different colors and that they sound like wooden wind chimes while I wear them. They instantly made me think of Iris Apfel’s accessories collection and from that point on it was like a “shut up and take my money” moment. I love those moments and Iris is one of my favorite fashion icons. Obviously it was a done deal. I also loved talking to the shop owner Margie Homan about her jewelry and vintage finds.

What accessories have you most recently purchased? Comment below and share with me!


One thought on “Weekend Accessory Haul

  1. So glad you love the bangle. Enjoy them! Great Blog. I will be back.

    As for your question, what did I found this weekend? Lucinda House Christmas pin. I am usually not a Christmas pin type but this is so cool in history, color and design. Lucinda design them in the late 80s/ early 90s to raise money for good causes. Check it out- Lucinda House Pins.

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