Amazing Last Minute Hometown Gifts

Hello loves!

Oh, what a busy, busy season this is. Did I emphasize busy enough?! I’ve barely had time to catch my breath and all of a sudden here we are less than a week away from Christmas. Wait… whaaaattt?! Yup. Christmas. Shew!

I know I already wrote about holiday gifts that don’t suck, but the ship has already sailed if you wanted to order any of those and get them in time to slip under the Christmas tree. Oopsies. If you live in the Cincinnati area I’m here to rescue you if you’re still in need of some last minute gifts. And to be clear these gifts are just as awesome as any gifts that make the last minute gift guide list! Perhaps even rank a little more awesome if you (like myself) have a deep and undying love affair with this wonderful area of ours.

First up on the list has to be my new found love for Paleolicious. I only recently heard of this Queen City granola master and now they I’ve tried their products I’m absolutely hooked! They come in three flavors that are 100% paleo abiding – and you know how I strive to eat as cleanly as I can. You can add these over your morning Greek yogurt, sprinkle over baked brie, mix with ice cream, or even just snack on them alone! You can snag a jar or two of the granola from the Liberty Center, Triple Moon Coffee, at the West Chester Farmers Market, as well as by calling them at 513-235-6164.

FullSizeRender (1)I’ve been following Butcher Betties for a while now because… well, because I just think their pretty badass! I know they’re located in Florence, Kentucky but you know what? That’s close enough for me to include them in this! If you want to offer someone a gift then get them a jar of their Bombshell Bourbon Bacon Jam. But if you want to blow someone’s mind I suggest getting them a gift certificate for one of their cooking or butchery classes!

FullSizeRenderWhen I think of sweets and chic my brain automatically goes to macarons. I’ve always wanted to try them but never got around to it until literally a couple days ago. I met my friend for sushi in Hyde Park and as luck would have it the Macaron Bar is right next door! I could NOT pass up this sweet opportunity, so I went in and told the girl behind the counter I’ve never had a macaron before. She offered me a sample of a broken cookie and I. Was. Hooked. I instantly said give me a box! I got dark chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, and passion fruit. I honestly can’t pick which flavor I like the best because they all were little pieces of heaven in my mouth.

There are many other great places in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, but this year these three are at the very top of my great last minute hometown gift guide.

What hometown favorites do you like to gift people? Are you a fan of the three I just mentioned?


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