2016 Here I Come!

2016 Here I ComeHello loves!

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and had a fun (but safe) New Year’s Eve celebration!  I know I did! I kept things pretty low key this year because that’s just the kind of mindset I’ve had lately. And that’s perfectly okay 🙂

2015 is officially over and I cannot wait to do amazing things in 2016 to make up for an awful 2015. 2015 just wasn’t my year, y’all. It was like a dark cloud that just followed me wherever I went and rained on my parade no matter how much I tried to stay positive – and believe me, I’m all for the positive, motivated life. Last year consisted of financial problems, a cancer scare that affected me profoundly, yo-yo weight, failed relationships/friendships, a ridiculous amount of anxiety attacks, depression, no motivation, closing the door on one of my businesses, and lots of alcohol – too much alcohol. Just being incredibly real, you guys. Of course it had it’s upsides and it had quite a bit, actually. There were fun trips, vacations with friends, rekindling friendships, meditation, the practice of the law of attractions (granted it probably wasn’t the best year to get into it, but at the same time it was desperately needed), laughs, and all around good times with the people that matter the most to me. Nevertheless, peace out, 2015. Bye, Felicia. Good fucking riddance.

Bring on 2016! I just have a feeling this is going to be my year and I am so beyond ready for it! For the first time in a long time I’m actually excited about what the future holds, what my future holds. I’m leaving my heavy drinking days in 2015 and refuse to go out to bars or clubs at night. I want to become more (for the extreme lack of a better word) submissive and less blunt. I’m not trying to change the essence of who I am or attempting not to be the strong woman I am, but I now realize that I don’t have to dominate/lead everything and not everything needs to be said. This is going to be harder for me to do than not going out and binge drinking. I want to work on working through things even when I’m not very motivated and forcing myself to do things even when I’m completely unmotivated.

I’m using 2016 as a clean slate and launching pad. I’m going into it with a lot of lofty goals (aside from the one’s I listed above) and the determination to make them happen. All of them… every last one of them. So here’s to a new year full of amazing possibilities!



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