Real Talk, Real Shows

Hello loves!

It should come as no surprise (especially if you know me personally) that I adore television. I know there was a study released recently that claims to say the more tv you watch the more depressed you are. For me personally I call that a big ol’ load of crap because I find enjoyment in tv. It makes me happy. Do I still enjoy other things in life? Absolutely! Television isn’t my only joy in life, but it is one of the things that brings me great joy.

Lately I’ve found two new series that I not only love, find enjoyment in catching up on, but I’ve found I also grow from them. And you know, that last part just might be the reason I enjoy them so much. I. Love. Growth. I am always striving to be the best version of me. Self-help is one of my favorite past times. Call me crazy because I do not even care two licks what you think about it. I love it.

preachers of atlantaSo what are these shows? Well the first is Preachers of Atlanta. I’ve made no secret that deciding to start my first business almost five years ago made me feel closer to God. There’s nothing quite like putting it all on the line that brings you closer to your faith in your Creator – if you believe. In the last year or so I’ve really been digging deep within my own spirituality and exploring the Universe and the Law of Attraction. I believe in God, but I also believe in the Universe and your power to manifest. Because of this I’ve been craving a sense of spirituality that is real. Real talk, if you will. I am just so drawn to each of these preachers featured on Preachers of Atlanta. All of them as a whole and individually and especially Kim. Even though they’re on tv I can’t help but feel them speak to my soul. I love every second of it.

its not you its menThe other show is It’s Not You, It’s Men with Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run on OWN. This show blows my mind! It is so chalk full of real talk and wisdom I almost can’t stand myself! It’s real issues that are currently being dealt with when the world of men and women collide. I really don’t think I can even truly put into words to give this show justice. It’s THAT good and I think it’s something everyone should watch and could learn from. There’s not many shows on television today you can say that about.

What shows are you currently loving or just simply giving you life?


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