My Name is Amy Wray and I Approve this Message 

Hello loves! 
Today in the buckeye state is a big day, it’s the Ohio preliminary election. This presidential election seems to be the most controversial let alone bizarre  election run I remember in my lifetime. Emotions always run high when it comes to the presidential election season just because people are the most opinionated when it’s time to elect the next president. People openly discuss their beliefs and opinions. And thanks to the world of social media and the casual feel of it people get lax on their personal filters.  

 I believe everyone should vote as long as they make a well informed and educated vote based on their own personal research. To me the ballot you cast is a personal choice. If you cast your vote based on your beliefs and research I can only respect that. 

The thing about this election that really irks me is the pettiness clogging my newsfeed. It all seems very juvenile. Every election season there has always been those few who state, “Vote against ______! If you vote for ________ then please unfriend/delete me!” Usually I just scroll past and go on about my day. However, this election year is different. These statements are far more frequent on my newsfeed and it’s coming out of mouths of people who I respect greatly and never would imagine would post such a statement. 

Since when do we determine our friends on who they vote for every 4 years?! That’s ridiculous. I judge who is friend material by how quick they are with a witty comeback, if they can smash a whole pizza like a rock star, and how funny their snarky comments are. I’m friends with people based on characteristics not who they vote for. I don’t have to agree with every single one of my friends on every single issue. I can love someone and be their friend if we don’t agree on something even if it is a fundamental issue. 
C’mon, people. Grow up. 


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