Beauty DIY: Make Your Own Rose Water

rose-petals-1155147_960_720Hello loves!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my great skin secret weapons that you can use consistently to achieve amazing skin without breaking the bank. On the list I included rose water because frankly this ish is bananas how amazing it is. While I have zero issue with people buying rose water, I have a wild diy hair within me that likes to make things complicated. Okay, maybe not so complicated because making your own rose water is a cinch, but it does require more effort than just a few clickity clicks to order online. However, I digress.

Since making rose water is soooo easy I wanted to share with you how I make mine. I do it in two ways, one is more instant satisfaction while the other takes a little more time but less effort. Now that it’s warm weather I don’t even use a moisturizer (although I do have a great diy recipe for that, too). I literally spritz my face 2-3 times then I put a drop of frankincense on my hand and rub it and the rose water (that’s already on my face) all over my face and neck. Boom! I’m done. That easy. Here’s how you can make rose water all on your own!

Rose Water version 1
What you’ll need: 4 fresh roses, distilled water, and a large pot.
What you do: Remove the rose petals from the stems. Add the distilled water to the large pot. Add the petals to the water and let simmer until the petals lose their color. Strain water and pour rose water into an air tight container.

Rose Water version 2
What you’ll need: 4 fresh roses, distilled water
What you do: Remove the rose petals from the stems. Add petals to the distilled water and add to an air tight container. Store the container in a dark cool place for two weeks. Once the two weeks are over strain the rose petals and store in an air tight container.

Will you be using one of these methods to make rose water?


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