New Wine Bar Open in the Heart of Downtown

img_6325-1Hello loves,
My hometown of Middletown, Ohio has gotten a pretty bad rap within the last decade and to be honest it became a damn near ghost town. That is until recently. A group of people were tired with the direction our town was going and committed to revitalizing the downtown area. The Law of Attraction teaches that like attracts like and that is exactly what is happening downtown. Lately it seems like every week there is a new announcement of a new business opening along Central Avenue. You can imagine my excitement when I heard there was a wine bar, West Central Wine, about to open it’s doors! As soon as I heard the news I reached out to them for a chat.
Last week I went by the shop while the owners were busy setting up the place for their family and friends night. One of my first things I love about West Central Wine is the fact it’s owned by two women, not just any two women either. West Central Wine is owned by two hometown women. These women, Monica Nenni and Melissa Kutzera, are longtime residents of the area as well as share a 10+ year friendship. Monica comes from a background in marketing and Melissa has worked for wine shops for years, while both have significant experience in the restaurant industry. Monica first brought up the idea to Melissa and once Melissa was on board the ladies were the epitome of hustle and boss ladies. They signed their lease in March and moved into the space in August getting straight to work on transforming the place.
The vision for West Central Wine was to keep it simple and cozy. A friendly atmosphere that is inviting to all its customers. Because of this Monica and Melissa decided to build a 40ft bar with the intention to make everyone that walks in the door to feel at home just like sitting at the kitchen table. And I must admit, they do a fantastic job at nailing that vision. Everything from the woodsy chic decor to the long rustic bar that resembles a long farm table, you can’t help but feel like you’re welcomed into this cozy place.
West Central Wine is now open for your enjoyment! They offer wine by the glass, cocktails (emphasis on bourbons), beer, and small plates.
Will you be visiting West Central Wine? 
photos: Brian Cundiff

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