Hello, Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!! I know Valentine’s is a day that some people either love or they hate depending on if they’re single or taken. I used to hate Valentine’s Day. I don’t mind spending a Valentine’s Day sans a date. In fact, I kinda prefer it that way. Love shouldn’t be honored one day of the year, but actions should show love every day of the year.

This Valentine’s Day was fabulous! It started off bright and early… well a little less bright and a lot more early… my day started at 4:45a so I could shower, have my makeup camera ready and be 30 minutes away from here by 7a. One of my closest and most fabulous friends, Tracy Johnson, is a hair designer at Urban Loft Salon and asked me to model a sexy hairstyle for a Valentine’s Day segment on a local news station. Being a natural ham for the camera I of course said yes! Myself, Tracy, the owner of Urban Loft Salon and two other hair models met at the salon to get our hair ready before heading over to the FOX 45 news studio. The segment went really well and I had a ton of fun! Everyone at the studio were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The news station told us the video will be posted on their website and as soon as they post it I will be sure to post a link to it. But until then, here is my morning in the form of photos.

Yours truly allowing my pin curls to set

The girls getting all beautified

The FOX 45 studio where we filmed
Keesha, myself and Tracy after we finished our segment

Myself in the car on our way to breakfast

After I got home I home I caught up on some work before I settled in to watch some of the runway shows from New York Fashion Week that were streamed live. I watched the fall 2012 presentations of Marc by Marc Jacob and Oscar de la Renta. I felt that Marc by Marc Jacobs collection was pretty lackluster, however, Oscar de la Renta’s collection was absolutely breathtaking! It is definitely strongly inspired by the 1960s with influences of Jackie-O and Pan Am. Here’s a couple photos from the show.

I hope you all have had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!
xoxo, Amy

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