Let the fun begin

Hello loves!

Thank you for joining me on my little blog as I invite you to join me on this journey I call life. As many of you know I am the editor of a new online lifestyle publication that I live, breathe and bleed for called, Mod City. I created Fabulously Disheveled because I feel like I am at a very meaningful part of my life and I honestly wanted to somehow to record it in the history of me.

I feel extremely blessed with the life that I live, even though it’s not the most glamorous at times, and I feel that with this blog it will allow me to step back and really take in the moment in this life that seems to be fabulously disheveled. So, let the fun begin! To start things off I’ll leave you with an adorable photo I took today of my little sidekick, Mr. Big.

xoxo, Amy

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