Healthier Than Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Skinny Mexican PizzaHello loves!

The last couple weeks meal planning has just been a drag. As you know, I like to eat heathy, fresh, and clean meals but most of all I love to eat food that tastes amazing. This girl likes to eat. No joke. And folks, sometimes the struggle is real when it comes to making healthy meals that taste delicious.

Last week I pinned a recipe for skinny Mexican pizza which is a healthy twist on Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza. Well when you said Taco Bell you sold me, yes, I like Taco Bell. And if you catch me after a night of fun and cocktails I’m sure it’d be in the drive thru of the taco joint. It’s sad, but hey, I’m here for real talk, right?

Of course, as the real chef I am (or at least think I am in my head… ha ha) I couldn’t just follow a recipe. No, I had to make it my own. Sometimes that can be a real risk in the kitchen, but this time it was a glorious decision. Because this pizza even blew my own mind. I have to admit, I don’t blow my own mind often, but when I do you better believe I let everyone know. Case and point is this blog post… Toot toot! So let me put down my horn for a second so I can make your lives better by giving you the recipe.

Skinny Mexican Pizza

Healthier Than Taco Bell Mexican Pizza
Makes 2 servings

3/4 lb ground turkey
Half a bag of frozen Mexican mix veggies (basically corn, peppers, onion, beans)
2 large whole wheat soft tortillas
1/2 cup diced fresh Roma tomato
1/4 cup sliced black olives
1 1/2 tbsp homemade taco seasoning (you can use a packet of seasoning from the store but it’s loaded with sodium and because of that I like to make my own. Plus it’s super easy)
1 cup mild cheddar and Colby shredded cheese

Cook the ground turkey in a skillet and drain once cooked. Add frozen veggies and taco seasoning to ground beef stirring occasionally until the veggies are warmed. Preheat oven to the broiler setting. Place one tortilla on a baking sheet and cover with ground turkey mixture. Sprinkle a little cheese and diced tomatoes on top. Place second tortilla on top of turkey mixture. Add the remaining cheese, tomatoes,and black olives to the top. Place in oven until cheese is melted. I finished my pizza off with shredded iceberg lettuce, but that is optional. 1 serving is half of the pizza.

Skinny Mexican Pizza



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