The Best Hair Product Ever

the wet brushDear Wet Brush,

I don’t know how I’ve lived all my life without you. I’ve sufferer through awful tangles ever since my hair was long enough to so something with. If you were around when I was a little girl hair brushing would have been added to my pile of happy childhood memories. Instead it was a nightmare. Then puberty, oh God, puberty was the worst! I woke up one day and my hair went from stick straight to ringlet curls. They were gorgeous but dear God the tangles morphed into rat nests. It’s only a mere miracle I made it out alive and without that ugly Felicity haircut.

Yes, Wet Brush, my life would have been so much easier if we had met years ago. Just think all the times I grew my hair long to only get royally frustrated just to chop it all off. Yes, the short haircuts (for the most part) were cute, but the painful hotmess of the in between short hair and long hair is torture. But then for my 29th birthday I was gifted a Wet Brush and I could practically hear the angels sing in rejoiced harmony as I first ran you through my wet tresses. Not a single tangle was fought with and not a single strand of hair pulled.

Oh my dear Wet Brush I don’t know how you do it or the kind of magic you possess, but I believe I’ve found my hair soulmate.


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