Confessions of a Fashionista

2015 Fall Fashion TrendsHello loves,

Hands down my favorite part about fall is the fashion. Yes, pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, and the colorful scenery are all nice, but the fashion is what tickles my fancy. That was until this year. I just cannot get on board with most the trends this year. It’s all big, baggy, and rigid. Call me a basic bitch, but I just can’t even with this.

Most the trends are 70s inspired with a dash of 90s. Gag. My two least favorite fashion decades. These trends need to be locked away somewhere deep below ground level never to be seen again. Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely a fashionista and because of that every time I have to write about this fall’s style trends and flip through the coveted September issues of fashion magazines my little fashion loving heart sheds a tear and feels pangs of guilt. Why? Because this season is what all fashionistas wait all year for.

This year looks like the season of old lady to me. I’m not going to dress like a fashion forward 89 year old before I’ve even stepped out of my twenties yet. It’s Mary Tyler Moore-esque with a dash of Olsen twins bag lady. It’s just not a good look. I don’t even care they’ve replaced the polyester with nicer fabrics I just can’t join this back in time parade.  I think I’m going to just stick with my own sense of style, because clearly there are no rules here.

What is your least favorite of the fall trends?




photo credit: Accessories Magazine

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