Crunchy AF: Easy Pumpkin Purée

Hello loves!

IMG_7310 (1)I’m starting a new series on the blog called Crunchy AF. It’ll be where I will share all my favorite all-natural, hippie, and just all around crunchy recipes and diys. First on dock is Easy Pumpkin Purée. And when I say it’s easy I mean it’s can-do-it-in-your-sleep easy. Practically fool proof.

This is the second year I’ve made and canned my own homemade pumpkin purée and I can tell you I’m not going back to buying on the shelf! It just tastes more decadent than what you find on the grocery store shelves. It’s thick, creamy, and absolutely pure! It’s about to get all basic bitch up in here. I have so many pumpkin plans I went and bought more pumpkins to can. I have an upcoming dinner party next week where I’ll be serving creamy pumpkin soup topped with bacon. I have plans for pumpkin alfredo, pumpkin pie, pumpkin curry, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin stuffed ravioli, and pumpkin meal supplements for Mr Big’s dinners.

So how do you make it? All you’ll need is sugar or pie pumpkins (this is important, the big pumpkins for carving will make a stringy purée), oven, food processor, and storage containers. Literally that’s it. Promise. I used three sugar pumpkins which yielded 64 ounces of purée.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the stems off the pumpkins then slice them in half.

Remove guts and seeds (set seeds aside if you’re into roasting them).

Place the pumpkins flesh down on a cookie sheet.

Place in preheated oven for 1 hour.

Once done allow to cool until cool enough to handle bare handed.

Use a spoon to scoop the pumpkin flesh into your food processor.

Process until smooth and spoon into storage containers.

I used mason jars to store my pumpkin purée in the freezer. Each jar will last about 8 months in the freezer. Simply set out to defrost before using.

See! I told you it’s fool proof easy!!

Will you be making your own pumpkin purée?

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