Guess Who’s Back… Tell a Friend

Hello loves and old friend,
girl-869213_960_720This might have been the longest amount of time I’ve gone between blog posts. 10 months and 6 days to be exact. I don’t even know how 10 months have gotten away from me and at the same time November 23, 2016 seems like years and years ago. My my my what has changed in just 10 months.
Talk about a humbling 10 months. I suppose losing an organ, working a murder for hire crime case, walking away from a job to take another (seemingly) dream job only to have the rug pulled out from underneath will do that to you. I definitely ate my humble pie while struggling to pick up those pieces. I can tell you my zero fucks meter is definitely closer to zero than it’s ever been in my 31 years of existence. My inner revolution definitely smoothed into a great evolution. And I’m okay with that.
I needed those experiences to force myself to grow and up level in ways I couldn’t have conquered on my own. Those 10 months also included epiphanies – some I hold close to my heart and others I’ll share as I get back into the swing of blogging my life. One of the epiphanies including me wholeheartedly and unashamed stepping into my woo. It’s in my heart and who I am. I’m coco with a side of gypsy soul. My spiritual self is definitely going to reflect in my writings. In fact, since I last wrote a blog on here I am now officially certified in crystal healing and reiki. Bitch, just try to kill my vibe now!
I meditate regularly, drink cheap champagne, play with crystals, and still manage to kill it like a boss babe on the PR front. This is me. The new me. Pull up a seat and join me on this journey called life.

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