Life with Amy: Adulting

IMG_7389Hello loves!

There’s so many things that we as people take for granted in our everyday lives. One of them being a car. It’s true you don’t realize how much you appreciate something until it’s gone.

A while ago my car died. Old Gal was good to me even when I wasn’t that great to her. I learn to drive in that car, she outlasted multiple relationships, stuck with me as I started two businesses from the ground up so major hustle was involved. She saw me through three graduations – first high school then both times I graduated college. Both of which had their own horrible commutes. She hung tight for 13 years, multiple out of state trips, and an ungodly amount of miles. I put Old Gal through the ringer. I’m honestly shocked she lasted as long as she did. I washed her maybe once a year? Maybe. I didn’t keep up with regular maintenance. I drove around for almost a year with a muffler that woke napping babies simply because I thought it would cost an arm and a leg to fix. $90. $90 is what it cost me. Best $90 I ever spent.

Then at the worst possible time she died. Isn’t that how it always goes. I was at the peak of planning a huge charity event, juggling clients, and trying to get my Young Living Essential Oils off the ground. It was the epitome of Sweet Brown’s, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I certainly didn’t have the time or the funds. I knew her time was going to come eventually, but I was in extreme denial it was going to happen anytime soon therefore I did zero to be prepared for it. This is coming off a year of very few cares given. And to be honest, my car dying seemed fitting to my loser status I felt inside. Nothing says loser more than not having a car. I literally felt stuck in misery. I work from home which was a plus in the situation, however I can’t continue to work or grow or save money if I’m not always seeking new clients. This wasn’t something that could easily be done from my couch. It can be done and I did what I could, but actually getting out there and making things happen is what I needed to be doing. Hard to do when you have to rely on being able to borrow someone’s car.


Luckily, right on the tail end of the first Mercury Retrograde of the year and on the toes of the Wolf Moon of positivity the stars must have aligned in my favor because I am the proud owner of a new-to-me car. That simple fact meant (and means) the world to me and instantly raised my vibration. I am determined 2016 is going to be my year. I’m taking names and kicking ass. A new business, a new outlook, a new car, and so many new opportunities on the horizon! Buckle up, slip on your favorite shades, and enjoy the ride!


One thought on “Life with Amy: Adulting

  1. ya bro, a car is the way to go in any city, i feel you when you say a person cant be better equipped than a car. I’ve even lived out of mine at a point. But for a professional theres nothing more precious

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